Lodge LMS3 Miniature Skillet Review

Lodge LMS3 Miniature Skillet Review

The Lodge is creating Cast Iron cookware since 1986 and they impress with the excellent dedication to technology and quality. This cookware looks classy and turned out perfect for serving, dips, casseroles and other main courses in hotels and restaurants.

This cookware can easily go from stovetop to oven or to table for easy and fast service. The Lodge LMS3 Miniature Skillet is another excellent product of this line. Plus the construction is well done and provides even heat retention. Being a versatile unit this tiny guy can be used for searing, baking, frying, braising and sauté.

Lodge LMS3 Miniature Skillet Review

The is an improvement in the construction in the previous model this Miniature skillet comes with an assist handle which makes it easy for stovetop to oven maneuvering.

Key Features

  • Being a versatile unit it is efficient for a braise, broil, fry, bake and sauté
  • Last longer than you due to sturdy construction
  • Comes pre-seasoned to give excellent non-stick like performance
  • Spread heat evenly on the surface to give the best cooking result
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor

Pre-Seasoned: The skillet comes pre-seasoned with soy oil which offers easy to release natural non-stick like performance. Initially, it shows very light sticking and to avoid this you can use a minimal amount of olive oil alleviate the adhesion. Anyhow, you cook healthier with this by limiting the amount of oil added.

2 Pour Lips: There are pour lips on the sides—means this skillet can directly go from oven to table for effective service.

Versatile Cookware: The Miniature skillet is made of cast iron means it lasts longer and can be used for anything in the home kitchen or even over the campfire.

Easy to clean: After using it let it cool and give it a hand wash using tap water and dry it thoroughly then apply a little amount of oil to maintain its efficient non-stick performance. For quick clean up you can use mild soap. But do not forget to dry it immediately.

Proper Care: The proper care of cast iron surface is necessary if you want to prevent unwanted oil and grease build-ups. Skillet surface should be clean immediately after every use. Don’t use harsh chemicals—just give it hand wash using hot water and soft sponge or cloth. In case of some sticky spots use mild soapy water with a soft sponge.

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Pan seasoning is important for keep pans an effective performer for a long time in your kitchen. This process is so simple, first of all pour some vegetable oil in you pan and start heating, once the oil smokes turn off the heat and let the oil to cool. Repeat this process several times to get required greasy surface. No store it on dry place.


  • Versatile along with sturdy construction
  • Last for generations
  • Include 2 pour lips
  • Include an assist handle
  • Easy to clean


  • None


The Lodge LMS3 Miniature Skillet is an excellent product. It comes with several improvements as compared to previous models. Made of cast iron and can be used anywhere for anything. No doubt, this product is a good investment.