Lodge L5RPL3 Cast Iron Pan Review

Lodge L5RPL3 Cast Iron Pan

In back 1986 the Joseph Lodge actually started this company in Tennessee and this still comes as an American powerhouse. These Cast Iron cookware are little finicky about seasoning and rust but has remained popular since centuries. Just like the other cast iron product you traditional have to season it first with vegetable oil and other fat to saturate the metal pores.

This’ll eventually form non-stick surface and prevents it from rust. In 2002, Lodge introduced pre-seasoned cookware in industry. These pans are sprayed with soy-based fat and baked at high temperature. The Lodge Cast Iron Pan is another sensational product from them.

Lodge L5RPL3 Cast Iron Pan Review

The most appealing thing about cast iron pan is that it absorbs heat evenly and slowly, and also perfect for stovetop to oven cooking. These units are made of pieces of Americana, things that are being used by generations.

  • Product Design: This 8-inch Cast Iron Pan is 2-inch deep which allow deep fry; also the assist handle make it easy to lug from stove to oven.
  • Construction: Being build with one piece of cast iron guarantees its long-lasting performance. The opposite assist handle gives easy for lifting and moving the pan while cooking.
  • Versatile: When it comes to versatility than this pan again comes on the top. It’s roomy surface allow you to cook almost everything such as braise, bake, broil, and fry.
  • Easy to use: The 8-inch pan comes pre-seasoned which make it ready to use right out of the box.
  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning the pan isn’t a tidying up process. Keep in mind this unit is not dishwasher safe so don’t put it into dishwasher because it may cause rusting. Just use tap water and regular kitchen cloth for wiping.

Design and Construction

Apart from performance, this little baby has 7 pound of weight which is pretty decent. The Pan has 8-inch diameter and 2-inch depth along with assist handle on the opposite side. It sturdy construction can take any heat from campfire to induction burner. And most of the above it is made in the USA.

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The Lodge advertised it the “best performer” so; to check this we took three different tests for testing the Lodge’s logic, without pre-seasoning the way we usually use traditional cast iron, and staring with sticky recipe, Dutch Baby Pancake. Then we bake cornbread skillet and finally we did classic cast iron Basic Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Dutch Baby Pancake: We didn’t season the pan, as the Lodge says it comes pre-seasoned. We just whisked the ingredients together and poured into the pan and put it into the oven. The Result: The pancake came out excellently done, puffed, perfectly browned and easy to slide of the pan to plate.

Cornbread: Just like a pancake the results are perfect, a tender interior, evenly brown and easily slides of the pan.

Fried Chicken:  Lodge delivered once more. We had to fry our chicken legs in a couple of bunches, yet we discovered we didn’t need to mess with the burner dial to keep the oil at a steady temperature. The coating crisped equally on all sides with no burnt edges, even down to the third bunch.


  • Equal heat distribution and retention results a perfect cook
  • Sturdy construction can any heat
  • Awesome pre-seasoning


  • Little heavy to lug around the kitchen


This Lodge Cast Iron Pan is a really good investment. The Lodge Pan is one of the most widely used pans in American kitchen. The best things which add value to it is the sturdy construction assist handle, versatility and long lasting performance.