Lodge 3-Quart Covered Chicken Fryer Review

Lodge 3-Quart Covered Chicken Fryer Review

The fried chicken doesn’t look good if it is not prepared in cast iron vessel.  Actually, cast iron potentially becomes hotter and spread evenly on the hot surface and stays hotter for a long time. The Cast Iron Skillet gives the better golden color and crispiest taste. None of the cookware can beat this. The Lodge is the well-known name in this field and the Lodge 3-Quart Covered Chicken Fryer is another best product of the series.

Lodge 3-Quart Covered Chicken Fryer Review

The cast iron products are used by your ancestors but still works as the perfect cooking utensils. It gives non-stick like performance. It also saves you from harmful chemical fumes which usually are produced in non-stick cookware (chemically treated).


  • Cast-Iron for better heat retention
  • Lid cover the moisture inside and perfectly moist the food
  • Come pre-seasoned for nonstick like performance
  • 3-quart, 3-inch deep, 10-1/4-inch diameter
  • Small assist handle on the opposite side

As compared to regular skillet this chicken fryer skillet is 3-inch deep and has 10-1/4 inch diameter which offers a really good roomy surface for baking and deep frying. And when we talk about the convenience of use than there is a small handle located on the opposite side which gives greater convenience in lifting this heavy guy.

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If cared properly these incredible cookwares last for generations and the cast iron construction material distributes heat all over the surface which results in a perfectly cooked food. The classy black color gives it elegant look in most of the kitchen. This Cast iron skillet is versatile and can also be used outdoors.

Lid: It accompanies a self-blasting lid along with little tips inside which works extremely well in baking and frying. This Sturdy Fryer can be used anywhere you want.

Size: As mentioned above the 10-1/4 inch diameter and 3-inch depth makes it perfect for cooking for 2, 3 people at a time. Also, you can cook bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast or can make cookies to feed almost 3 adults.

Handles: The fryer is itself little heavy and becomes difficult to lift when full of food. There is the small handle on the opposite side which s really handy for handling fryer safely and conveniently.

Durability: As the cast iron is bulletproof so, it require very minimal care and last for generations.

Pre-seasoned: While the patina coating is the great idea—but the cookware still needs seasoning. For this fill the fryer with vegetable oil, heat until the oil smokes and then let the oil cool. This simple step gives this pan an efficient non-stick performance.

Rust: Any cast-iron utensil can rust, regardless of whether it is pre-seasoned. You need to do some maintenance to prevent it from rust, and if you put it away after using without cleaning, you may think twice about it later. In case, this will become an issue, you should seriously consider an anodized aluminium fryer.


  • Cast Iron construction material last longer than you
  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Roomy cooking area


  • Need proper care


The Lodge 3-quart covered chicken fryer is an excellent product which is made on high-quality standards and gives a long lasting performance. The capability of spreading heat evenly results in a perfectly cooked food. You should definitely consider this product f you want to invest in cast iron cookware.