Cuisinart MCP22-24N MultiClad Pro Stainless Open Skillet Review


Cuisinart MCP22-24N MultiCladThe Carl Sontheimer has started Cuisinart in 1971. They usually are known for dryers but when the Carl Sontheimer has visited France and saw semi-automated food preparation machines there. After that, he reversed-engineered a machine by adding a feeding tube into it.

Cuisinart MCP22-24N MultiClad Pro Stainless Open Skillet Review

His creation actually works and actually dubbed as “food processor”. In 1986 the Carl has sold this company to Conair and under the Corsair’s management, this company hugely expanded its offerings. The product which is being reviewed is Cuisinart MCP22-24N MultiCald Pro Stainless Open Skillet which stands among the top line product of its category.

This product is an improved version of the older MCP series—the new product has the letter “N” in their name. And the improvement is the assist handle which makes handling a lot easier.

Key Features

  • Has flared rims on all pieces
  • Excellent polish finishing
  • Stainless steel lid
  • 6mm thick sidewalls (same as the older versions)

Performance: As the name suggests it is a stainless steel pan and cooking is not easy with them because stainless steel has little sticking. For better results preheat the pan, then lower down to medium to low heat, and add a little bit of oil, and then food—these simple steps lessen the sticking.

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Cleanup: The cleanup process is somewhat tricky because the pan has two handles and two rivets, and cleaning rivetless design is little easier than this. A little bit of oil can also help in removing oil and dull protein stains—if you see a rainbow of oil or other greasy stains, try boiling some water and vinegar solution.

Durability: When it comes to durability the Cuisinart turns out excellent. The base is tough, can take heat for several minutes and doesn’t wrap out. The Cuisinart uses 18/8 or 18/10 stainless steel which is strong and rust-resistant as well. That does why the Cuisinart hasn’t received any complaint about rusting.

Most stainless steel cookware including ( Cuisinart and All-Clad) uses 18/0 stainless steel for the base because the little addition of nickel in steel makes it less magnetic and give a greater result.

The stainless steel rivets have an aluminum exterior which means when you clean it thoroughly in the dishwasher the rivets become shinier.

Even-Heat Retention: The Cuisinart MCP products are thick and perform very well just like All-Clad stainless. It’s not god if you are planning to cook a big steak or a whole fish else it works fine if you stay vegetarian.

Ease of Use: The Cuisinart MCP22-24N MultiCald weighs almost 3.72 pounds. Although the surface is roomy and takes much amount of food in one go and there the helping handles turn out very useful. The handle is big and fits perfectly in your palm and you won’t have an unwanted rotation.


  • Well built and last long
  • Roomy surface
  • The base doesn’t wrap out with time
  • Even heat retention
  • Easy to use


  • Stainless steel little sticky
  • Not good for big piece of meat


Among the huge line of products from Cuisinart, the Cuisinart MCP22-24N MultiCald turns out solid. It is thermally excellent like All-Clad stainless. This product is no doubt a good investment. So pick this without any hesitation.