Cuisinart Dishwasher Safe Hard Anodized Open Skillet Review


Cuisinart Dishwasher Safe Skillet ReviewThe Cuisinart is one of the most well-reputed organizations for producing high-quality cookware for decades. They have produced many top line products that you might have seen in an American kitchen. This Cuisinart Dishwasher Safe Hard Anodized Open Skillet is another excellent product from them. This 10-inch skillet has a very unique curved shaped multi-purpose design which helps you a lot in making pancakes, vegetable omelet, grilled cheese sandwich and many more.

Key Features

  • Skillet Dimensions are 2” x 10.5” x 18.5”
  • Aluminum construction material gives quick and even heat distribution
  • 10-inch storage capacity which is enough for preparing a meal for 2 to 3 people
  • Anodized exterior for protective finishing
  • Comes with smooth Eterna cooking surface for non-stick like performance
  • Comes with lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • NOT safe for induction stove
  • Made in China

Everyone who loves experimenting in kitchen loves Cuisinart DSA22-24 Dishwasher Safe Hard-Anodized Non stick 10” Open Skillet. Unlike another anodized skillet, it is dishwasher safe and the Eater material gives non-stick like performance too. For steady searing and simmering, it turned out solid in various tests. Being an excellent performer it is a great choice of cooking on a gas stove instead of an electric stove.

Even Heating: Thins 10-inch pen skillet is made of hard anodized aluminum which provides very quick and even heat distribution. Due to this heat retention, its best recommended for low to medium heat setting. While cooking delicate food you have to keep an eye otherwise you’ll get a burnt food even on low heat.

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Non-Stick: The eternal coating on the outer surface gives almost non-stick like performance which ensures the easiest food release.

Handle: The stainless steel handle has and arches like shape which is attached to the pan with rivets. This ergonomic design provides perfect grip which makes it easier to move it from one place to another place even when the pan is full.

Cleanup: In cleanup rating, it performs quite well. This stainless steel make open skillet is dishwasher safe but doing this constantly may cause scratches or discoloration—if this happens try using Bar Keeper’s Friend.

Size: It has a 10-inch size which is quite roomy for cooking anything. You can make cheese omelet for breakfast, or fry, braise or broil—if you usually cook for 3 to 5 people at a time when there is no more need of splitting food into different pans because its roomy surface is enough for this.

Easy Handling: It weighs only 1pound along with ergonomic easy to grip stainless steel handle. The handle fits in hand accurately and allows you to move the way you like. It is a lot easier to handle doesn’t matter the pan is empty or full.


  • Maintain steady simmer
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy food release
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Up to 5000 F oven safe
  • Can be washed into the dishwasher


  • Poor heat distribution on the electric range
  • Rivets are somewhat difficult to clean
  • Get stained after use


The Cuisinart Dishwasher Safe Hard Anodized Open Skillet is specifically designed for user’s convenience. It is easy to use along with the great fit handle. Lightweight and roomy cooking area are enough for getting anything perfectly done. In order to add value to your money gives this product a chance.