Cuisinart 10-inch Frittata Non-Stick Pan Set Review

For several months we have been writing cookware reviews for you to tell you about all features. There are several companies and Cuisinart is among one of them. Plus it provided many excellent products and earned an amazing reputation in the market.

Cuisinart 10-inch Frittata Non-Stick Pan Set Review

This Cuisinart 10-inch Frittata Non-Stick Pan Set is an excellent addition in the market. Its a set of a pan with the interlocking system—means you can use them combined or separate.

Key Features

  • Comes with interlocking system
  • Aluminum core construction provides steady and even heat distribution
  • Up to 3500 F oven safe
  • The ergonomic stainless steel made handles stay cool
  • Assist handle on the opposite side give a secure grip
  • Versatile and can be used on glass, gas or electric stove tops
  • Handles are perfectly riveted on the body with steel caps on it for added safety
  • Can be washed into the dishwasher
  • Limited Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Being a low card frittata is a perfect food, it actually a combination of gooey cheese, smoked meat, crunchy vegetables, and eggs to create something special. No doubt, it’s a great choice not only for breakfast but for lunch and dinner as well. It is really quick and easy to make recipe. It is usually made in a frittata pan which are two pans combined together.

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Love frittata? Then cook with Cuisinart Frittata non-stick cookware set. It includes two nonstick skillets in the box with an interlocking system. These skillets are made of an aluminum core which is being sturdy provides super quick and easy heat distribution. Its versatility makes it a perfect kitchen tool for daily use. This non-stick set has classy looking black finishing.

Two Skillet Set: This Frittata comes with two skillet set. There is an interlocking system which locks these pan together and doesn’t let the food to jump out of vessel while cooking. It doesn’t include lid in the box.

Construction Material: It has an aluminum core construction. The aluminum offers quick and even heat retention which results in a perfectly brown food. It is recommended to use it on low t medium heat otherwise your food may get burnt.

Look: The skillet set has very elegant looking black finishing and looks perfect with kitchen decor.

Non-stick Surface: This pan has non-stick easy to release surface which doesn’t let the food t stick on the surface.

Versatile: It is versatile and can be used on various stovetops including gas, oil, and glass. It can take heat up to 3500 F.

Handles: The stainless steel made handles are ergonomic in design and fits perfectly in the palm. There is an assist handle on the opposite side which comes very handy for secure handling or for moving it from one place to another when it is full of food.

Durable: Including the handles, the whole body is quite durable and dishwasher safe.

One of the biggest reasons for failure of this pan is that these pans are generally coated with non-stick material which tends to start to break with time and the pan may warp if overheated.


  • Versatile and durable
  • Oven Safe
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Non-stick coating brakes down with time


This Cuisinart 10-inch Frittata Non-Stick Pan Set is one of the most reliable products in market. It has solid construction and fully packed with features. If you are looking one for yourself than this product is excellent choice to make.