In this article, I have shortlisted few top-rated cast-iron skillets by Lodge.
The lodge is the most popular brand for cast-iron skillets around the world. Right now, the top cast-iron skillets available in the market are by Lodge.
Not all of these cast-iron skillets are for you, but this list helps you choose the right and best skillet by the lodge for your kitchen.

Best Lodge Cast-Iron Skillets 2019

best lodget cast iron skillet

1- Lodge 3.5 Inch Cast Iron Mini Skillet

At last, if you have finally convinced yourself that the cast iron skillet is the champion for searing the steak and nothing can do that better, and want to have one to the delicious crusty cornbread than the next decision of your is to figure out the best one. In our opinion, there is only one choice. The good news which saves the days is that these products are remarkably inexpensive. When it comes to “the best” –it often means “the most expensive” but in Lodge Skillet case it doesn’t go this way.

Our most loved s the Lodge 10.25-Inch Cast Iron Skillet which is one of the most inexpensive and can also be found on sale as well for even less. Its size is efficient for a couple of strips, four burgers, simmered beans, and a frittata. Once you use it you’ll gonna find how great and comfortable it is to use. You can add 3.5-Inch mini to 15-Inch giant piece.

In an American home kitchen, the cast iron is the essential tool since well over a century. The daily cooks turn to these durable pans for searing, baking, deep frying and their morning eggs for breakfast. The stainless steel tri-fly cast iron skillet provides much versatility at a fraction of cost. It also when turned out as an alternative for non-stick cookware if use and cared for properly due to seasoning. Unlike Teflon pans the cast iron can go inside the broiler and can safely past 500 degrees.

2- Lodge Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

It comes pre-seasoned which gives it a high quality non-stick like performance besides of this convenience it offers roomy cooking area, easy to grip handle, and classy look. The Lodge Skillet actually are made in the USA—means it build on high-quality standards, all of the above this unit is affordable in price and give chefs alike professional performance.

This Cookware set has sturdy construction and lasts for generations. It has five different units in the set which enables you to bake, smoke, broil, and cook anything you want. There are many features that comparatively make this unit better than the others.

The cookware set gives top quality in every cooking mode. The flawless performance and versatility make it excellent for every occasion such as camping and backyard family get to gather. The unit comes pre-seasoned which is a huge hit; although you still have to season after every cooking with vegetable oil and other fat. The only drawback that I consider is that it is a bit slow to reach cooking temperature and once it reaches the heat isn’t always remain the same so, you need to keep a bit more patience.

The Lodge Cast Iron Cookware set is made of one piece of cast iron which means there is almost no chance of breaking. This’ll last longer than you so go ahead and decide who is going to use it after you. Sometimes some parts of pan feel little rough but the Lodge explains that this is due to sand cast process and it’ll be smooth again after seasoning.

3- Lodge CRS8 Carbon Steel Skillet

The Lodge is an American based family organization. They have faced many ups and downs. Lodge has had a Renaissance since 2002 when it presented pre-seasoned cast iron instead of necessitating that clients develop their own layers of seasoning– something that no uncertainty scared individuals using raw cast iron. The pre-seasoning likewise ensures the item against rust. The Carbon Steel becomes the lightweight alternative of cast iron in recent few years. After noticing the Lodge introduces the first carbon steel pan in 2011. In this article I am reviewing the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet, I’ll try to cover each and everything about this product so, it is recommended to read till the end to know more.

Carbon steel is ~99% iron so its thermal characteristics resemble to cast iron, including weight and generally poor heat conductivity as compared to aluminum and copper. So why get carbon steel rather than cast iron? Since cast iron is brittle, however, carbon steel is less brittle, so you can make carbon steel dish thin and avoid breakage. You can consider carbon steel as thin cast iron that has smoother finishing and a little amount of carbon to give it strength.

Thick cast iron is as of now a poor heat conductor, so you end up with uneven heating on anything besides the most minimal power settings/fire. You can work around this issue, for example, by rotating food around the pan with the goal that each piece gets a considerable amount of time over the most heated bit of the dish. In any case, sometimes you might cook different things and can’t give 100% of your attention regarding one dish.

I got 8-inch Lodge Carbon Steel model CRS8 pre-seasoned carbon steel skillet, but this review goes same for all products in this line. I personally, like the factory seasoning because it prevents the product from rusting.

Unless you have an exceptionally decent gas range or cook in the oven, you need to babysit this pan more than even heating pans. Oven preheating can smooth out the heat; however, every pan can do that. Also, it depends on energy. You can get great outcomes from this pan. It requires more consideration and care than another pan.

4- Lodge LMS3 Miniature Skillet

The Lodge is creating Cast Iron cookware since 1986 and they impress with the excellent dedication to technology and quality. This cookware looks classy and turned out perfect for serving, dips, casseroles and other main courses in hotels and restaurants.

This cookware can easily go from stovetop to oven or to table for easy and fast service. The Lodge LMS3 Miniature Skillet is another excellent product of this line. Plus the construction is well done and provides even heat retention. Being a versatile unit this tiny guy can be used for searing, baking, frying, braising and sauté.

The is an improvement in the construction in the previous model this Miniature skillet comes with an assist handle which makes it easy for stovetop to oven maneuvering.

The proper care of cast iron surface is necessary if you want to prevent unwanted oil and grease build-ups. Skillet surface should be clean immediately after every use. Don’t use harsh chemicals—just give it hand wash using hot water and soft sponge or cloth. In case of some sticky spots use mild soapy water with a soft sponge.

Pan seasoning is important to keeping pans an effective performer for a long time in your kitchen. This process is so simple, first of all, pour some vegetable oil in your pan and start heating, once the oil smokes turn off the heat and let the oil to cool. Repeat this process several times to get the required greasy surface. No store it on a dry place.